Saturday, June 7, 2008

Silverlight 2 Beta 2 available

Microsoft has released the Second Beta of Silverlight 2.

Announcement on Scott Guthrie's blog.

The highlights:
  • 4.8 MB Download that does not require .NET Framework on the target system
  • The tools for VS 2008 will work with VS 2008 and VS 2008 SP1 beta
  • Adds more controls to beta 1
  • Cross-domain socket support
  • Background thread networking
  • Support for WCF duplex connections
  • Datagrid improvements
  • Databinding improvements
  • Isolated storage is now 1MB with ability to prompt user to increase storage space

Note that if you want to use VS 2008 SP1 with SL 2 Beta 2, you should install VS 2008 SP1 beta first then the SL2B2 tools.

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