Monday, March 23, 2009

Roundup - .NET Application Development Platforms

I've put together a collection of links from around the web on tools and technologies for developing .NET Line-of-business applications.

Silverlight 3 (beta) - Microsoft

Silverlight Labs - Microsoft

Silverlight Toolkit - CodePlex

WPF Hands-on lab (Southridge) - Microsoft Redmond

WPF Hands-on lab (Order Manager) - Microsoft Switzerland

WPF - CodePlex

Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight (Prism) - Microsoft P&P

Building a Framework for Silverlight - SilverlightShow

Caliburn - Rob Eisenberg

CSLA.NET (WPF and Silverlight) - Rocky Lhotka

DevForce WinClient - IdeaBlade

DevForce Silverlight - IdeaBlade

Nintex Workflow - Nintex

UPDATE: I added RIA services after listening to Brad Abram's talk on .NET Rocks. It was announced at MIX09.

RIA Services - Microsoft

RIA Services on SliverlightShow.

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