Monday, May 18, 2009

Visual Studio 2010 (.NET 4.0) Beta 1 released

The first Beta release of VS 2010 is available starting today for MSDN subscribers.

There is a great write-up on Jason Zander's blog -


  • New templates and tools can be downloaded from VS Gallery within Visual Studio.
  • Support for TDD
  • dynamic keyword for Office programmability
  • many VB language improvements (I won't go into them 'cuz I'm a C# guy)
  • many improvements to C++ support (again, not my bag)
  • F# included with VS 2010
  • improvements to the WPF editor
  • Silverlight editor now built-in
  • HTML snippets for ASP.NET coding
  • JavaScript IntelliSense improvements
  • JQuery included
  • Team Arch does standard UML now. I'm not big into UML, but I find Sequence Diagrams pretty useful.
  • Architectural Explorer lets you browse through your Namespaces and view the structure of your app; then generate Sequence Diagrams automatically. Looks cool.
  • Test Plan management improvements ("Camano", now called Microsoft Test and Lab Manager, will be available as a scaled-down VS edition)
  • TFS improvements: branch management, visualizations, drag-drop merging.

Wow. I am looking forward to a test-drive.

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