Tuesday, June 9, 2009

.NET RIA Services V1 Roadmap

Dinesh Kulkarni, from the RIA Services team, has published a roadmap for RIA Services. No guarantees here, but they hope to release a beta at PDC in November. The next CTP will be in July.

It's a bit disappointing to me. I had heard a rumor that RIA would release with Silverlight 3 in July. Perhaps it referred to the CTP. According to the roadmap, they are making changes to the underlying protocol (moving to ADO.NET Data Services), so you know that will take a lot of time.

Highlights from his post:

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July 2009 CTP

  • This is a preview, not the V1 release. We plan to drop go-live restriction from EULA – still use it at your own risk.

  • Try to get significant known breaking changes (the ones we don’t know about will come later)

  • Feature enhancements (e.g. code-gen hookpoints to add your custom code, improved library support, better shared code support, query for singletons, cleaner user model and better extensibility support for Application Services etc.)

  • Usual fare of bug fixes, API improvements etc

  • Enable a first set of better together experiences with  ADO.NET Data Services (add a DomainService to Data Service for writing app logic / expose DomainService as DataService)

PDC 2009 Beta

  • Additional core feature work (list TBD, under consideration – hierarchy support, presentation model)

  • Work on Visual Studio 2010 / .NET 4 support

    • Drag-drop support for databinding

    • Run in medium trust

  • Move to ADO.NET Data Services as the underlying protocol

First part of 2010: RTW

  • Polish beta release (bugs, perf, stress, security, localization, …)

  • Small design changes / tweaks

  • Keep up with changes in other products

A note on Platforms and tools

  • In each CTP, we will be keeping up with corresponding public Silverlight drops as and when they are scheduled (sorry, I don’t have that schedule)

  • For RTW, we are planning Visual Studio 2010 / .NET 4  as the primary story. Support for previous version TBD (depends on feedback about relative importance / cost / options)

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